Dumb Crook Gets Choked for Smiling in Mugshot


Christopher Johnson mugshot

Christopher Johnson mugshot

A dumb crook in Texas got choked by two deputies who were trying to make the suspect stop smiling for his mugshot.

But DUI suspect Christopher Johnson may get the last laugh.

With the mugshot as proof, the 38-year-old suspect is suing the Harris County sheriff’s department for the mugshot assault. According to the lawsuit, Johnson was arrested for DUI in July 2015 and was ridiculed and insulted for smiling during his photo.

“Take the picture right,” a deputy said several times. ”Man, stop smiling!”

“This is how I always take my pictures,” Johnson replied. “I’m going to beat this case. Why wouldn’t I smile?”

“We gon’ to make you stop smiling,” replied the deputy, according to the lawsuit.

The jailers then placed a hand on each side of his neck and choked him for 30 seconds. The lawsuit claims the jailers violated his civil rights and deprived him of his constitutional right to free speech.

Johnson has been arrested four times in Harris County, including felony assault. This DUI arrest was set for court June 2016.


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