N.C. Woman Drives Drunk in Courthouse Parking Lot

Olivia Creech

JOHNSTON COUNTY, NC (Aug. 12, 2014, arrest) — A North Carolina woman was busted for driving drunk to the courthouse for an appearance on two traffic tickets, authorities say. Olivia Leanne Creech, 20, of Clayton, N.C., was found impaired Aug. 12 while driving in the parking lot of the Johnston County Courthouse. Police got calls […]

Texas Man Tries to Sell Someone Else’s Car on Craigslist

Arthur Goolsby

TEMPLE, TEXAS (Aug. 13, 2014 arrest) – A Texas man has been charged in a new Craigslist scheme where he simply advertised someone else’s car for sale and tried to collect a down payment from unsuspecting victims. Arthur Goolsby, 27, was arrested Aug. 13 for the Internet sales scam in Temple, Texas, and he is wanted […]

Nebraska Man Keeps Stealing ATMs & Never Gets Cash

Larry Gordon

OMAHA, NEBRASKA (Aug. 13, 2014 arrest) – A Nebraska man has been busted for his repeated attempts to steal ATMs, but police say the idiot had no successful plan to retrieve the cash from inside the machines. Larry Gordon was arrested last Aug. 13 in connection with at least three attempted ATM burglaries in 2014. Gordon […]

Deleware Bank Robber Caught in ‘Mantrap’ During Escape

stephen dunfee

BROOKSIDE, DELEWARE (July 31, 2014 arrest) – We don’t think Stephen Dunfee was expecting that. The bank robbery suspect had just used a note to hold up the Citizen’s Bank in Brookside, Deleware, and was leaving July 31st when an employee activated the “mantrap.” A “mantrap” electronically locks the interior and exterior doors of the bank, […]

Florida Cops Find Pot Plants Hanging Out Car Window

Goodloe and Barnes

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA (July 24, 2014 arrest) – How dumb is dumb? How about driving with a marijuana plant hanging out your window? At night, with your headlights off? And admitting to the police you stole the marijuana plant? It doesn’t get any worse than that. It happened July 24th in Clearwater, Fla. Police pulled over a car that was driving […]

Kentucky Teen Gets Stuck in Car During Break-In

Michael Hughes

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY (AUG. 6, 2014 arrest) — Kentucky police say they were able to catch three young men breaking into cars after one of them got stuck inside a car. Michael Hughes, 19 (pictured), had helped his brother and another man break into cars in Louisville on Aug. 6. But then Michael got himself in […]