Maine Burglar Reveals His Secret Hiding Spot on Snapchat

Chris Wallace mugshot

A Maine burglary suspect was finally caught by police in March 2015 after being dumb enough to reveal his hiding spot on Snapchat. Christopher Wallace, 24, posted his location on the phone app and his fellow Snapchatters ratted him out to cops. According to authorities, Wallace stole several stoves from a camp in Maine’s Pierce Pond Township […]

Texas Thief Caught on Camera as He Steals Security Camera

Shawn David Franks mugshot

A Texas man picked the dumbest item to steal. Shawn David Franks stole a security camera from a Fort Worth day care on March 12, 2015, the same camera that captured the video that led to his arrest. The 24-year-old suspect got pretty upset when the day care released the video to the police and […]

Walmart Shoplifter Flees in Motorized Wheelchair in Oregon

Prelline Curtis mugshot

An Oregon woman was busted for stealing from a Walmart store and then trying to flee in a motorized wheelchair. Prelline Curtis, 48, was charged with second-degree theft after failing in her getaway attempt on March 24, 2015. Authorities say the woman used the cart because of her bad health. Since she uses a motorized […]

Connecticut Man Claims To Be ‘Lucifer’ After Bizarre Crime Spree

Alex Chambrello mugshot

A half-naked Connecticut man who set fire to his own house and killed a cat last week told police he was “Lucifer” after his arrest. Alex Chambrello, 23, allegedly started the fire before overturning his car and then knocking on doors with his pants down. He told Wolcott police he was searching for his wife. […]

Texas Woman Arrested for Giving Illegal Butt Injections

Denise Rochelle Ross mugshot

Texas authorities have arrested an unlicensed domestic surgeon for performing illegal butt injections after a woman died. Denise Rochelle ‘Wewe’ Ross, 43, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license in Dallas. Accomplice Alicia Clarke was also accused of botching an operation and causing the death of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid, who was found on a salon massage […]

Serial Flasher Takes His Act to Dentist Office in N.C.

Dea Williams mugshot

A North Carolina man with a long record of flashing his privates in unique places was charged Wednesday, March 25, 2015 with targeting a female dentist with his nudity. Registered sex offender Dea Williams allegedly exposed himself last week inside a dentist office in Gastonia, N.C., authorities said. He was being seen by a female dentist […]

Minnesota Burglar Gets K-9 Bite After Refusing to Come Out of Hiding

Kennie Littleton Jr. mugshot

A Minnesota man caught breaking into a woman’s house refused to come out from his hiding place in the victim’s vehicle until a police K-9 took a bite out of him. Kennie Ray Littleton Jr., 31, of St. Paul, was caught in a woman’s home when an iPhone app alerted the woman of an intruder. […]

Oklahoma Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral Over Facial Expression

Ashley Stabler mugshot

The shocking mugshot of an Oklahoma woman is gaining national and international attention. Tulsa jail records show that 23-year-old Ashley Stabler was arrested on February 23, 2015 for driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance and improper license plate display. But her jaw-dropping mugshot has gone viral, being picked up by news outlets and […]

Massachusetts Man Arrested After Claiming to Be Rick James

Scott Taylor

A Massachusetts car thief claiming to be Rick James was hauled in to jail on multiple charges on March 18, 2015. The suspect’s name was actually Scott Taylor and he was 30 years old, making his claim hard to believe since the famous singer by that name died a decade ago and would be 67 […]

Florida Woman Strips Naked in Dunkin’ Donuts on a Dare

Shakara Martin mugshot

A Florida woman stripped naked and sat outside a Dunkin’ Donuts based on a dare, authorities said. Shakara Martin, 32, was arrested March 1, 2015 in Greenacres near West Palm Beach after getting naked. She told police the nudity was a requirement of her pledging a dance troop. Donut customers offered clothes to the woman several […]