Mass. Woman Locks Herself in Domino’s Fridge to Avoid Arrest

Sandra Savage mugshot

A Massachusetts woman was unsuccessful in her efforts to avoid arrest by locking herself in a Domino’s refrigerator. Sandra Savage, 47, was a suspect in a Walmart shoplifting Thursday (Jan. 7, 2016) after allegedly hiding items underneath a blanket that was covering a baby in a carriage. Security employees confronted the woman, who returned the […]

Florida Man Punches Female Cop to Get Arrested

Daniel Dolan mugshot

A drunk Florida man was granted his wish to go to jail after punching a female officer. In his defense, Daniel Dolan asked politely to be arrested on Thursday night (Jan. 7, 2016) in West Palm Beach. He handed the woman his wallet and asked to be taken to jail. The officer told him he couldn’t […]

Texas Meth Suspect Wears Anti-Drug T-Shirt in Mugshot

Adrian Pounders mugshot

Meth suspect Adrian Pounders was pictured in his mugshot with an anti-drug T-shirt that reads, “Don’t Meth With Me.” Isn’t it ironic? The Texas man was taken into custody when Crockett police raised his home on Jan. 3, 2016. Cops had been tipped off that illegal drugs were located in the home and they recovered […]

New Jersey Man Asks Computer Technician for Help Moving Child Porn

Jiemin Li mugshot

A New Jersey man was arrested for child pornography after he asked a Microsoft Store for help moving the files to a new computer. A computer technician viewed the “disturbing” child pornography on the man’s laptop and notified a store manager who turned the device over to police. Authorities say 25-year-old Jiemin Li instructed the […]

Florida Woman Eats Entire Meal While Riding Around on Walmart Cart

Josseleen Lopez mugshot

A Florida woman ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and most of a rotisserie chicken while drinking wine and driving a motorized shopping cart around a Walmart store, authorities said. A loss prevention officer noticed Josseleen Lopez acting suspiciously at the Lecanto Walmart on Dec. 29, 2015. The security guard spotted a half-empty bottle of wine in […]

National DUI Expert Charged with Drunk Driving Himself

Tom Hudson

A Florida attorney who is known as one of the country’s distinguished DUI defense lawyers was charged with drunk driving. Tom Hudson – who wrote the book “The Drinker’s Guide to Driving: The Secrets of DUI from One of America’s Top DUI Lawyers” – was stopped for speeding in Sarasota County. The officer smelled alcohol in […]

Alabama Women Takes Items to Give as Christmas Gifts

Chantel Floyd and Coffy Beaty mugshots

Alabama authorities arrested two women who allegedly stole a mountain of merchandise from several stores to give as Christmas gifts to their children. Dothan police put Chantel Nakee Floyd and Coffy Toyonda Beaty  on Santa’s naughty list for their thefts from several stores at Wiregrass Commons Mall. Police found stolen merchandise from several stores inside […]

New York Grinch Steals Lollipop Lights from House

Tiffany Fischer mugshot

  A New York woman was caught on a residential surveillance camera stealing the homeowner’s lollipop ornaments. Tiffany C. Fischer, 31, of Island Park, was identified and arrested at her home Monday (Dec. 14, 2015).  She was charged with petty larceny, according to Nassau County police. Officers first thought it was a man who stole […]

Florida Scrooge Snatches Christmas Projectors from Lawn

Tony Ramsey mugshot

A Florida man was arrested Monday (Dec. 14, 2015) for stealing Christmas light projectors off a resident’s lawn. Tony Ramsey, 38, faces charges of grand theft after his heartless theft in Apopka. The victim called police to say he was missing two laser light projectors, which he used to shine Christmas lights onto his house.  […]

Wisconsin Woman Wants Braids& Offers Pepper Spray Instead of Payment

Jaleigha Williams mugshot

A small group of Wisconsin hair stylists got pepper spray instead of payment from a woman whose hair they were braiding, authorities said. Jaleigha J. Williams, 18, was identified and arrested Dec. 7, 2015 for battery and retail theft. Police say the salon owner operates the business out of his apartment. He typically asks for payment […]