Man Walks Around Nude at Tennessee Airport

Eric Cherry mugshot

A nude man tried buying an airline ticket at Nashville International Airport before being arrested, authorities said. Eric Cherry was arrested for indecent exposure when an officer caught him at the American Airlines desk. Authorities say the man attempted to purchase an airline ticket before cops grabbed him and took him to his car to get […]

Indiana Elementary Teacher Arrested with Meth in Class

Laura Nowling mugshot

A veteran teacher was arrested in February 2016 after bringing meth to her elementary school in Indiana, authorities said. Laura Nowling, 47, was identified during a drug investigation that started at her home, where two others were arrested. Cops found Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and marijuana at the teacher’s home in Scott County. During the investigation, officers […]

Florida Man Marks 34th Arrest with High-Speed Chase

Sammy Luciano mugshot

A Florida man was arrested for the 34th time following a high-speed chase in Palm City. At age 39, suspect Sam Luciano has almost as many arrests as years on Earth! His latest came Feb. 21, 2016 when cops were looking for a stolen car and spotted the man driving 110 miles per hour. Martin County […]

Idaho Woman Tries to Use Stun Gun on Officers

Danielle Davis mugshot

An Idaho woman pulled a stun gun on officers responding to a domestic argument. Meridian police were responding to a child endangerment and custodial abduction in February 2016 at a local Walgreen’s store. Authorities say 25-year-old Danielle Davis was meeting with her child and the child’s father, who has sole custody. The mother started dragging her 4-year-old […]

Las Vegas Burglar Takes Mugshot Despite Gunshot

Alexander Gonzalez mugshot

A Las Vegas burglar was forced to take a humiliating mugshot after he was shot during a home invasion. Alexander Gonzalez, 40, was tied to a string of burglaries on Feb. 12, 2016, authorities said. After failing to get inside several homes, he climbed through a doggie door of his final destination, waking the homeowners […]

Kidnapper Caught at McDonalds Using ‘Find My iPhone’ App

Joseph Boller mughshot

  A Pennsylvania man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend was caught at a McDonald’s restaurant after cops used a ‘Find My iPhone” app on her phone. Joseph Boller, 18, had met with his ex-girlfriend  in February 2016, in East Stroudsburg to discuss custody of a child when the argument turned violent, authorities say. Boller grabbed the […]

Utah Shoplifter Carries Pound of Pot During Theft Attempt

Denzel Jones mugshot

A Utah shoplifter brought along his backpack with over a pound of pot inside Thursday (Feb. 11, 2016) while shoplifting sweatpants at a Macy’s store, authorities said. Denzel Christopher Jones, 18, must have seemed really confident he would be able to get away with the theft at the department store in Orem, Utah. A loss […]

Female Inmate Has Sex with ‘Jailer of the Year’

Tiffany Kemper mugshot

  No new charges are expected against a female inmate in Florida who hooked up with her detention center’s “jailer of the year.” Tiffany Kemper, 29, is alleged to have had inappropriate sexual relations twice this year with Jailer Barre Taylor, a Brevard County corrections worker who was named the jail’s best in 2013. She’s […]

Oklahoma Pothead Wears Criminally-Bad T-Shirt in Mug

Vaughn Tucker mugshot

The mugshot of an Oklahoma pothead has gone viral. Vaughn Tucker, 23, of Tulsa, was charged with marijuana possession and other crimes in early February (Feb. 6, 2016) and appeared in a red baseball T-shirt that says, “I would cuddle you so hard.” The bearded bro spent several hours in lockup at the Tulsa County […]

Florida Shoplifter Leaves Behind Cell Phone & Pee

Brooke Sutton mugshot

  A heavy-duty shoplifter made off with thousands in merchandise from outlet stores but left behind her cell phone and a puddle of urine, according to Florida authorities. It was just enough evidence to track her down. Brooke Amber Sutton, 27, was arrested Jan. 29, 2016 and charged with felony retail theft. Cops recovered $2,100 in […]