Two California Women Take the Bait & Get Hooked by Police

Devon Mendendez and Unique Rios mugshots

California authorities used a law enforcement trick to help bring down two serious criminals: a GPS-equipped decoy package. The “bait package” was swiped from a location in southeast Arcadia near Los Angeles, taken by suspects Devon Mendendez, 21, and Unique Rios, 19, and the women were later stopped in a stolen car. Just before the […]

Sentenced: Oregon Burglar Who Was Found Sitting on Toilet

Ryan Cain mugshot

A Portland burglar who was found sitting on a toilet by the homeowner was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime. Ryan Allen Cain, 35, told the Oregon judge that he was on a three-day meth binge and didn’t remember dropping his pants and shoes at the victim’s back door before breaking into […]

Ohio Woman Keeps Stealing Tip Jars in Restaurants

Stephanie Eshack mugshot

Ohio authorities are looking for a repeat offender who likes to steal tip jars from local businesses. Westlake police say that 29-year-old Stephanie Eshack was caught on camera grabbing tip jars from the counters at a Starbucks and a Jersey Mike’s during the month of March 2016. Now, police are asking for tips on her […]

Ohio Man Creates Fake Police Facebook Page

Anthony C. Novak mugshot

An Ohio man was arrested for creating a fake Facebook page for the Parma Police Department. Anthony C. Novak, 27, was charged with disrupting public services, a felony. The Facebook page was created on March 2, 2016 and caught the eye of the police department. The agency worked with officials at Facebook to determine who created […]

Florida Girl, 12, Arrested for Pinching Boy’s Butt

Breana Evans

A Florida girl found herself in jail after a school prank didn’t go over as planned. Breana Evans, 12, of Longwood, Fla., admits that she pinched a boy’s buttocks. However, she says it was all a joke. But the boy complained to school officials, who alerted the boy’s mother. The boy’s mother then asked to […]

Delaware Music Teacher Sends Racy Sexts to 13-Year-old Student

Nicole Veneroso mugshot

A Delaware music teacher sent more than 11,000 sexual text messages to a 13-year-old student in one of her middle-school classes, authorities said. Nicole Veneroso got caught when the boy’s mother looked on the boy’s phone and saw the 32-year-old teacher in raunchy photos and videos sent to the boy. The mother turned them over […]

Missouri Woman Hits Police Horse Outside Trump Rally

April Foster mugshot

  A Missouri woman was arrested for hitting a police horse during a Donald Trump protest. Authorities say the mounted patrol was helping with crowd control during the March 12, 2016 rally in Kansas City.  A large group of anti-Trump protesters were gathering and putting masks over their faces and locking arms. Next, the group backed into the […]

Florida Man Tries to Buy BMW with Food Stamps

Nicholas Jackson

A Florida man got declined when he tried to buy a BMW with a credit card and his food stamp money. But Nicholas Jackson was so determined that he returned to the dealership after closing and stole the $60,000 vehicle, authorities said. Authorities say the 36-year-old suspect showed up at the Pompano Beach dealership with […]

‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Out of Prison, Starts Modeling Career

Jeremy Meeks

The California man whose “hot” mugshot went viral in 2014 has been released from prison, allowing him to start a modeling career based on that crime photo. Jeremy Meeks was released in early March 2016 after serving time for gun possession. He was arrested during a gang sweep June 18, and the felon had a loaded […]

Arizona Shoplifter is Abandoned by Getaway Driver

Terrance Crowley mugshot

An Arizona shoplifter with $2,000 of merchandise in his Walmart cart had nowhere to put his stolen loot after his getaway driver left him Tuesday (March 8, 2016). But Mesa police were waiting for him and happy to give him a ride. Terrance Crowley had gone to the store with two friends who waited for […]