Serial Burglar Caught by Baby Monitor in Florida

Mark Lodigensky mugshot

A serial burglar who impressed police with his techniques in the 1980s was caught again by a simple baby monitor. Mark Lodigensky was caught for a burglary in Sunny Isles after the homeowner set up a baby monitor as a security system while she was away from home. The woman said her house had been hit […]

N.C. Woman Pulls Gun at Restaurant in Chicken Wing Dispute

Clarissa Gagum mugshot

A North Carolina woman pulled a gun at a restaurant over a wrong order of chicken wings, authorities said. Clarissa Gagum, 24, was apparently furious with employees at FU WANGZ in Wilmington on Thursday (April 28, 2016) when she ordered chicken wings and got boneless ones. She started arguing with the clerk, and a fight began that escalated when she […]

‘This Guy’ Needs an Attorney After Crashing Into Police HQ

Joshua Tackett mugshot

The mugshot of a New Hampshire man went viral when he was arrested for drunk driving while wearing a T-shirt that said “This Guy Needs a Beer.” If that bad decision wasn’t enough, Joshua Tackett crashed in front of Kensington police headquarters on April 22, 2016, authorities said. He was allegedly driving when he swerved […]

Miami Man is Candidate for Weirdest Mugshot Ever Taken

Keviin Gibson mugshot

We’ve seen our share of weird mugshots, but this man’s drug arrest might be the only explanation for his bizarre look. Miami police arrested 58-year-old Kevin Gibson for marijuana possession with the intent to sell Tuesday (April 19, 2016). His police photo shows him with an unkempt and bushy beard, but only on one side […]

N.C. Bondsman Needs Her Own Bail Money to Get Out

Erin Johnson

A North Carolina bail bondsman – or should we say bondswoman – needed her own service after her arrest for shoplifting and drug possession. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? Erin Johnson, 31, of Valdese, was stopped April 17, 2016 for shoplifting and was found with illegal controlled substances and drug paraphernalia, police said. She was […]

McDonald’s Customer Arrested for Pouring Soda in Water Cup

Cody Morris mugshot

An Arkansas teenager was arrested at a McDonald’s  (April 18, 2016) for pouring soda into a free water cup. Apparently, they take that stuff seriously in Springdale. Cody Morris, 18, was charged with robbery for committing that brazen crime. According to police, the teen and two friends ordered three large waters in the drive-thru lane, but then […]

Vermont Jail Takes Woman’s Mugshot During Tantrum

Amanda St. Cyr mugshot

A Vermont woman booked on a simple traffic charge is facing more serious charges after throwing a fit at police headquarters, authorities said. Amanda St. Cyr, 34, of Hinesburg, was accused of drunken driving after refusing to provide a breath sample following a stop on Interstate 89 on April 10, 2016. Brought to the Vermont State […]

New Mexico College Kid Passes Out in Stranger’s House

Garrett Curran mugshot

Talk about drunk! A college student was so wasted last month that he wandered into the wrong house in New Mexico. Then he passed out in front of the bed occupied by a sleeping 7-year-old girl, according to Sante Fe officials.. Garrett Curran, 22, was still unconscious when the girl woke up March 26, 2016 and […]

Escaped Texas Inmate Hides in Girlfriend’s Dishwasher

Wesley Evans mugshots

A Texas inmate who escaped police custody while being treated at a local hospital was found hiding in his girlfriend’s dishwasher. Wesley Evans’ attempt at a “clean” getaway failed when someone tipped off Jasper police Wednesday (April 13, 2016) that the slender 20-year-old man was cramped inside the dishwasher wearing only handcuffs and boxer shorts. […]

Instagram Video of Teenage Sex Leads to Arrest in Louisiana

Willie Ingram mugshot

Not only is it illegal to record sex between a 17-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. It’s also stupid. A Louisiana teen was charged with first-degree rape and possession of pornography involving a juvenile after his sexual encounter with the minor girl was recorded and posted on Instagram, according to Kenner police. Willie Ingram, 17, […]