Florida Burglar Caught After Crashing Getaway Cart in Pond

Michael Hawk

A Florida crook was caught recently after crashing his getaway golf cart in a pond near the home he had just burglarized, authorities said. When police officers in Lady Lake were dispatched to a golf cart partially submerged in a pond, they quickly discovered the unoccupied home nearby had just been burglarized. In fact, the house […]

Maine Woman with ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ Shirt Arrested for CDV

Emily Wilson mugshot

A Maine woman who was wearing a ‘Stop Domestic Violence” T-shirt was arrested recently for criminal domestic violence. Emily Wilson, 38, of Sangerville, was accused of threatening her husband with a gun and shooting it in their bedroom during an argument. Prosecutors say Wilson was angry with her husband about an alleged affair. That’s why she […]

Arkansas Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral as #PrisonBae

Sarah Seawright mughshot

We’ve seen mugshots go viral before when the criminal suspect is a hot woman. It’s happened again, but this Arkansas woman has some serious charges that are certain to threaten her long-time freedom and ability to stay fashionable. Sarah Seawright was arrested recently for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, battery, hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. When […]

N.Y. Man Caught Driving While Claiming Benefits for ‘Blindness’

John Caltabiano mugshot

A New York man who was collecting worker’s comp benefits for “blindness” was caught on camera driving a car, shopping at the mall and exercising at the gym, authorities said. John Caltabiano Jr., 49, of Catskill, was photographed by investigators doing regular activities just days before his girlfriend escorted him into a courtroom to claim […]

Wanna-Be Burglar Gets Stuck in Chimney in Iowa … Naked!

Jordan Lodignesky mugshot

An Iowa man was naked when he got caught in the chimney of a recycling business last week, authorities said. Jordan Kajewski, 29, claimed he was playing hide and seek with his cousin Wednesday (May 18, 2016) when the accident happened, according to authorities.. The business owner told his wife he was hearing ghosts while […]

Florida Shoplifter to Cops: Everyone Steals From This Store!

Prolancia Turner mugshot

A Florida shoplifter’s defense might have been the craziest explanation one cop had ever heard. Prolancia Turner was crying and angry May 13, 2016 after being busted for stealing $12 earrings from the Claire’s outlet at a Vero Beach Mall. “Everyone steals from this store,” she reportedly yelled at the cop. “Why are you picking on […]

Louisiana Teen Arrested for Bomb Threat While Making 2nd Threat

Calvin Richardson mugshot

Police found a Louisiana student preparing a second bomb threat on his phone when they arrived at school to arrest him on the first one. Calvin Richardson, 17, was sitting at his desk working on the second threat when officers arrived. Deputies say the teen had posted a bomb threat on social media April 13, […]

Flight Attendant Steals 1,500 Mini-Bottles to Sell on Craigslist

Rachel Trevor mugshot

A Delta Airlines flight attendant was indicted on charges that she stole hundreds of mini-bottles and sold them on Craigslist. Rachel Trevor, 28, of Memphis, Tenn., started off by stealing 50 mini-bottles, but eventually she smuggled nearly 1,500 bottles using a carry-on bag. She set up shop on Craigslist, selling the bottles for a dollar […]

California Burglar Identified by Devilish Face Tattoos

Jacob Catlin mugshot

A burglar’s devilish face tattoos were all police needed to identify him as the man who breaking into a woman’s car, authorities said. Jacob Catlin, 29, of Petaluma, has simple devil horns tattooed on his forehead. A homeowner in North Bay snapped photos of the Satan impersonator breaking into her car on May 8, 2016. […]

Arizona Student Arrested for Exposing Himself in Yearbook Photo

Hunter Osborn mugshot and photo

A high school student in Arizona was facing 70 criminal charges after completing a dare to expose himself in a yearbook football photo. Hunter Osborn, 19, found himself in hot water when the team photo actually got printed and distributed before school officials realized he was exposing himself in the photo. The teen said a […]