Shoplifter Stuffs Cartload of Loot in Skinny Jeans

Gary Johnson mugshot

A Tennessee shoplifter gave himself away by trying to stuff $300 worth of hygiene products down a pair of skinny jeans, authorities said. Gary Johnson, 27, was tackled inside the Memphis Kroger store in May 2016 when they saw him trying to smuggle out a cartload of stuff in his pants, according to police. His […]

New Hampshire Suspect Wags Tongue for Jailers

Sam Tulley mugshot

A young man in New Hampshire is getting more attention than most criminal suspects after he wagged his tongue in his June 12th,  2016 mugshot. Sam Tulley, 21, of Londonderry, was arrested for criminal mischief for allegedly spray painting in the Musquash Conservation Area, which is a large wooded area consisting of numerous wetlands. It is […]

Chicago Woman Flips Bird in DUI Mugshot

Hazel Rojas

A suburban Chicago woman flipped the bird in her booking photo for a DUI arrest  in June 2016. DUI suspect Hazel Rojas was pulled over in a 2003 Land Rover after a Riverside cop saw her continue to sit at a green light at 3:27 a.m. Friday (June 17, 2016). Rojas smelled of alcohol but […]

Florida Man Calls 911 When Girlfriend Won’t Buy Booze

Jack Means mugshot

A Florida man called 911 to complain that his girlfriend wouldn’t buy him vodka. Jack Means, 57, eventually confessed to the non-emergency prank, which started with him telling dispatchers that his neighbors were arguing. Apparently, he hoped to get police to his house so they could hear how his girlfriend was not getting him alcohol. […]

Dumb Crook Gets Choked for Smiling in Mugshot

Christopher Johnson mugshot

  A dumb crook in Texas got choked by two deputies who were trying to make the suspect stop smiling for his mugshot. But DUI suspect Christopher Johnson may get the last laugh. With the mugshot as proof, the 38-year-old suspect is suing the Harris County sheriff’s department for the mugshot assault. According to the […]

DUI Suspect Leaves Trail of Debris to McDonald’s

Donna Hettinger mugshot

An impaired driver in New York wasn’t hard to find. Donna Hettinger and her vehicle left a trail of debris that led right to the drive-thru of a McDonald’s restaurant in Tonawanda. And that’s where the police got her. It seems the 65-year-old woman was high on drugs when she struck a vehicle in town […]

W.V. Woman Beats Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

Loretta Armstrong mugshot

A West Virginia mom took her lunch cravings so seriously that she beat her son when he got her Taco Bell order wrong. Loretta Armstrong, 48, of Milton, was charged with felony child abuse for allegedly hitting her son in the face. She started assaulting him after realizing he got the toppings wrong. Even worse, […]

Oregon Teacher Arrested for Sexting Student

Richard Fay mugshot

An Oregon high school teacher was arrested after he gave a student an inappropriate homework assignment. Richard Fay asked for sexually-explicit pictures from a 17-year-old girl over the 2015/2016 school year at South Medford High School, police said. The student told police that she sent nude and clothed photos of herself to Fay at his request, […]

Wanna-Be Rapist Cries Like a Baby in Mugshot

Anthony J. Zingale mugshot

A Wisconsin teen accused of trying to rape a woman at a party was pictured crying like a baby after his arrest. Anthony J. Zingale, 19, of Plymouth, is accused of getting drunk May 28, 2016, dropping his pants and walking into a bathroom where the victim was using. He then threatened to cut the woman […]