A Bunch of Bull in Alabama

Brad Hemby mugshot

Brad Hemby mugshot

An Alabama robbery suspect ran into a serious side of beef  while allegedly fleeing from police.

Authorities in Arab, Alabama, said that on July 1, 2015 Brad Lynn Hemby, 26, and a female accomplice were robbing a house when the homeowner caught them and chased them out.

They hopped in their Chevrolet truck and were chased by cops. Hemby soon crashed into a cow pasture and both suspects took off running.

The unidentified female made it to the woods and remains at large.

Hemby, however, was not so lucky. His flight caught the attention of a bull roaming the field who also gave chase, along with deputies.

According to media reports, the caper came to an abrupt halt when Hemby ran into a barbed wire fence and surrendered.

Police recovered stolen items from his truck and charged him with burglary, criminal mischief, and attempting to elude a police officer.


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