‘Alabama Caveman’ Busted for Pot & Ecstasy

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (May 16, 2014) — A 29-year-old Huntsville man dressed in caveman garb was arrested at the gates of an Alabama music festival last month for drug possHuntsville Cavemanession.

On May 16 Christopher Ray Woods was all hyped to see Queens of the Stone Age at the Gulf Shores Hangout Music Festival. Maybe too hyped.

Not only was Woods sporting a full beard and furry vest, he was accompanied by a cloud of marijuana smoke, reports said.

Security at the gate took a look and a whiff and pulled him out for a pat down.

“He had a strong odor of marijuana and four MDMA ‘Molly’ pills in his wallet,” said Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Anthony Lowery. “He was charged accordingly.”

The Smoking Gun dubbed him the “Alabama Caveman: with a “mug shot taken in 10,000 BC.”

Evidently, his choice of attire was consistent with the unique clothes worn by music lovers at the festival.

And Woods was not the only one. The Sheriff’s Office reports that there were 24 arrests at the festival.

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