Arizona Urinator Caught on Camera

David Azari

David Azari mugshot

What do dumb crooks do when they don’t like someone? They take matters into their own hands – in this case literally.

David Azari, 30, known as the “Mail Slot Urinator,” was arrested on June 18,2015 by Scottsdale, Arizona, police for allegedly urinating into the Atelier Kitchen and Bath Showroom earlier in June. He was charged with criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and urinating in public.

Azari, an Iraq War veteran, heads security at Rockbar, a bar/concert venue directly across the street for Atelier. It seems the two businesses had been having a bit of a dispute over noise from the bar. Johnson, the store’s owner, lives upstairs from his business and had filed numerous complaints about excessive noise and vibration coming from Rockbar.

Johnson had recently joined with other area business owners to block the extension of a city permit for the bar.

Aziz was caught on camera the night of June 3,2015 as he walked up with an unleashed dog, unzipped, and proceeded to urinate through the front door mail slot.

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