Bad Maryland Grandma Steals Teacher’s Wallet

GLEN BURNIE, MD (March 26, 2014) — Theresa SaylesA Maryland woman visiting her grandchild’s elementary school last week was caught red-handed allegedly trying to swipe a teacher’s wallet.

Theresa Sayles, 49, was helping chaperone an assembly at Marely Elementary School in Glen Burnie, Maryland, on March 26 when she slipped away to the classrooms.

She found an empty one and grabbed a wallet. Before she could leave, the teacher confronted Sayles as to why she had been in the classroom, the police report said.

Sayles must have talked her way out because she returned to the cafeteria for the assembly. But the victim realized her wallet was gone and went to the cafeteria to reportedly find Sayles rummaging through it.

The teacher watched as Sayles took some items out then threw the wallet into the trash. Cops said the wallet was retrieved minus the cash.

Sayles was charged with theft and disrupting the operation of a school. She was also told not to return to the school.

Sayles has a criminal history that includes charges of disorderly conduct, burglary and concealing a deadly weapon, according to CBS News.

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