Brother-Sister Home Invaders Target Wrong House – Twice

Morad siblings mugshots

Morad siblings mugshots

A brother-sister team who planned a home invasion but went to the wrong house twice received their sentences in Ohio.

David Morad, 18, and twin sister Alexis Morad, made headlines in Cincinnati as the children of wealth who tried to act out the lives of street gangsters.

The siblings planned an elaborate burglary plot in April 2015 while still attending high school. Prosecutors say David had already robbed a few drug dealers when he and his sister plotted to rob the home of a drug dealer. They had a mask, surgical gloves, zip ties, duct tape, drugs and a fully loaded pistol in preparation. They planned to cut off the fingers of the victims and shoot them if they didn’t hand over cash.

But the plan ran into a problem when Morad went to the wrong address. The pair left the first time they showed up and a strange woman met them at the door. They waited until night time to return and again hit the wrong house, triggering a flood light that led to their arrest.

On Thursday Nov. 19, 2015 David was sentenced to six years in prison while his sister got three years of probation for her lesser role in the failed plot.

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