California Burglar Leaves Cellphone & License Inside Victim’s Home

phanSANTA ANA, CALIF. (Aug. 15, 2014 arrest) — A California burglar who stripped naked and climbed into bed with a sleeping victim was caught because he left his driver’s license at the home, authorities said.
Jonathan Phan, 29, was arrested Aug. 15 in connection with a residential burglary in Santa Ana, police said.
Authorities say Phan committed the bizarre crime in July.  During the alleged break in, Phan took off his clothes, climbed into the victim’s bed and fell asleep, a press release says.
The woman later woke up and saw Phanin her bed. She screamed, leading Phan to make a hasty exit by jumping through a window. In his quick escape, he forgot his pants, cellphone and wallet, which held his driver’s license.
That’s how investigators identified the man. Phan was captured Aug. 15 and booked on charges of residential burglary.
Police say Phan is an actor and stuntman working in the Los Angeles area. But his latest role will be as a jailbird.

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