California Car Thief Drives Stolen Vehicle to Court

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Early May 2014) — Timothy Frederick KnightTimothy Frederick Knight may be dumb (obvious) but he is also very bold. But maybe we shouldn’t get too mixed up in our labels. “Dumb” and “bold” more often than not go hand in hand.

In any event, Knight’s “boldness” was on display early in May when he stole a car in order to be on time for his court hearing—about stealing cars!

Knight, 53, allegedly stole a Honda Accord late last month in Daly City, outside San Francisco. Police found the car parked in the street and placed a tracker on it.

The next day, Knight drove the Accord to court. He was nabbed after leaving the hearing in the vehicle.

Police found the screwdriver he allegedly used to punch the ignition with, authorities said.

“He obviously wanted to make sure he didn’t fail to appear,” said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

According to reports, Knight has seven prior felony convictions. He pleaded guilty to the new charges.

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