Chicago Beer Pong Game Ends in Gunfire


Manus Shannon mugshot

Manus Shannon mugshot

An Illinois man was arrested on July 4th, 2015 after he shot two people during a game of backyard beer pong.

Manus Shannon, 27, was at a party on Chicago’s South Side in an intense game of beer pong when he had his bright idea- use a gun to distract his opponent.

Shannon allegedly whipped out his 9mm semi-automatic handgun during his 24-year-old opponent’s turn and waved it around.

When the man pushed Shannon away, the gun went off two times. The first struck Shannon’s opponent in the finger, and the second hit the shoulder of a 20-year-old bystander not involved in the game, media reports said.

The injuries were not life-threatening and the victims were able to drive themselves to the hospital. Police arrested Shannon at his home later on Saturday, July 4, 2015.

Sunday was Shannon’s birthday. But his big “present” was the $100,000 bond he had to cough up in response to the reckless discharge of a firearm charge.



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