Connecticut Shoplifter Caught After Hiding in Pre-School Dumpster

Heisze Chan mugshot

Heisze Chan mugshot

A Connecticut shoplifter was caught by police after hiding in a pre-school dumpster, authorities said.

Heisze Chan, 36, of Stamford, was arrested after fleeing from CVS store in Greenwich on April 14, 2015. She tried to hide in a dumpster at Gateway Preschool and was subsequently found in a pile of trash.

Officers went to the CVS after a report of a shoplifter running from store managers. The suspect was accused of stealing about $150 worth of merchandise.

Greenwich police couldn’t find the lady, but a custodian at the school nearby called 911 to say he found a woman in the dumpster. The lady tried to claim that she was looking for a private place to urinate, and she left.

The officer conducted impromptu surveillance of the area in the event of the potential return of the suspect. As he waited, he saw a taxi arrive and stop in an unusual area. The officer approached the taxi driver who said the company had received a request for a pick up from a female, but that no one was there.

The officer searched the most likely hiding place in the vicinity and found the suspect hiding amongst a pile of trash behind a nearby building. Chan was charged with criminal trespass and larceny. The stolen merchandise was discovered in a second dumpster.

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