Cops Nab Michigan Perp in Mid-Shave

Codi James Antoniello mugshot

Codi James Antoniello mugshot

A Michigan teen who was caught mid-shave by police is gaining fame across the globe for his unusual mugshot.

Authorities say 19-year-old Codi James Antoniello (pictured) and a 16-year-old teen were both arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a pickaxe and a baseball bat. Unfortunately for Codi, Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him as he was shaving his head Dec. 18, possibly in an attempt to alter his appearance. 

What led to the attack? Authorities say Codi was defending the honor of his new girlfriend. He got into a Facebook war with his girlfriend’s ex, and that led Codi and a 16-year-old sidekick to intrude into the man’s apartment and whack him upside the head. The victim is reported to be in good condition.

Codi has now been charged with felony assault and first-degree home invasion. 


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