Delaware Burglar Dials 911 After Getting Stuck On Elevator


Michael Claude mugshot

Michael Claude mugshot

A bungling burglar was forced to call 911 after getting stuck on an elevator in a Delaware middle school he had broke into, authorities said.

Michael Claude, 19, spent the Labor Day holiday roaming the halls of Laurel Middle School after breaking into the empty building. He even took time to ride a buffing machine down the hallways.

But he went into an elevator and got stuck. Authorities sent an elevator maintenance service man to pry open the doors so he could get out. But the teen was immediately arrested for burglary.

Oddly enough, Claude was found wearing a Laurel letterman jacket that did not belong to him, police said. He was charged with third-degree burglary, criminal mischief and theft.

The teen, who lives in Jersey City, N.J., was released on $3,800 bond after being arraigned. The suspect’s hometown is Laurel, so he may have attended the school and was familiar with the elevator where he became trapped.


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