Deleware Bank Robber Caught in ‘Mantrap’ During Escape

stephen dunfeeBROOKSIDE, DELEWARE (July 31, 2014 arrest) — We don’t think Stephen Dunfee was expecting that.
The bank robbery suspect had just used a note to hold up the Citizen’s Bank in Brookside, Deleware, and was leaving July 31st when an employee activated the “mantrap.” A “mantrap” electronically locks the interior and exterior doors of the bank, trapping the suspect in the entryway lobby.
Dunfee was trapped with his stolen loot, and he had no where to go.  So the New Castle resident tried escaping by smashing the glass of the windows and doors, police said. But they were break-resistant.
While Dunfee managed to cause some damage, he didn’t escape. Bank employees say he appeared frustrated and seemed to wear himself out as police rushed there to arrest him.
Dunfee — or should we say Dummy — was arrested without incident and charged with second-degree robbery and criminal mischief.

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