Drunk Florida Woman Confuses Police Car for Cab

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (June 29, 2014 arrest) A drunk Florida woman tried to use a police car as a taxi cab in June.
Heather McKean, 29, of St. Petersburg, stepped into the back seat of a police cruiser that stopped at an intersection about 1 in the morning on June 30.
The officer. who was writing reports in the driver’s seat, told the woman, “You are mistaken. This is not a taxi cab.”
The woman responded, “I don’t care. Are you going to take me home? It’s only four blocks.”
Frustrated when the officer didn’t start driving, the woman jumped out into traffic and flipped the cop the bird when he told her to watch for traffic, according to a police report.
That’s when the officer decided the woman was a danger to herself and needed to sober up in the local detention center. So he grabbed her and arrested McKean for disorderly intoxication.
Heather McKean

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