Drunk & Naked Florida Woman Throws Tantrum

Sandra SuarezST. PETERSBURG, FL (March 24, 2014) — An almost naked woman allegedly went on a destructive rampage last month in a Florida McDonald’s. The video has since gone viral.
The three-minute tirade occurred on March 24 inside a St.Petersburg McDonald’s.
Evidently, Sandra Suarez, 41, was enraged because an employee of the fast food joint refused her offer of oral sex in the parking lot, said reports.
The video, taken by McDonald’s employees then posted on Liveleak.com, shows the scantily clad Suarez knocking over cabinets and registers then helping herself to some ice cream.
Voices off-camera provided commentary and some chuckles. The employees who posted the video have since been fired.
Suarez was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest.
She was reached later by a local news reporter who said Suarez blamed the incident on a bipolar disorder and says she does not remember much of the outburst.

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