Drunk & Naked Jail Visit for Virginia Woman

ARLINGTON, VA (March 22, 2014) — maura-fussellA 26-year-old woman was arrested last weekend after reportedly showing up drunk and naked to visit her husband in jail.

According to Arlington County Police, Maura Fussell showed up at the magistrate’s office late on March 15 to visit her husband who had been arrested earlier in the nearby town of Clarendon.

Maybe it was his birthday because Fussell was plastered and in her own birthday suit. The woman was naked!

She refused to leave until she was allowed to see her husband. Cops say they told her to cover up and offered to pay for a taxi ride home. She refused.

Police arrested Fussell and charged her with indecent exposure and being drunk in public.

Clarendon – a Washington, DC, suburb in northern Virginia – was hosting a huge St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl on Saturday. Perhaps the Fussells participated and Mrs. Fussell was feeling especially “lucky.”

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