DUI Suspect Leaves Trail of Debris to McDonald’s

Donna Hettinger mugshot

Donna Hettinger mugshot

An impaired driver in New York wasn’t hard to find.

Donna Hettinger and her vehicle left a trail of debris that led right to the drive-thru of a McDonald’s restaurant in Tonawanda. And that’s where the police got her.

It seems the 65-year-old woman was high on drugs when she struck a vehicle in town and continued driving. The person in that vehicle called police and said Hettinger caused even more damage after the hit & run.

Authorities say Hettinger jumped a curb, drive on the sidewalk and took out four city signs. Police followed the trail and found her ordering food at McDonald’s.

The woman confessed to taking “five or six hydrocodones” earlier in the day and was arrested.

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