Elvis Impersonator Arrested in Oklahoma Bar

Bobby Eldredge mugshot

Bobby Eldredge mugshot

An Elvis impersonator in Oklahoma experienced his own Jailhouse Rock after his arrest for a drunk disturbance at a bar.

Bobby Eldredge was arrested Oct. 20, 2015 after complaints from an Oklahoma City bar. Police were called out to the Route 66 Roadhouse where the 61-year-old singer was drinking and fondling himself through his clothes.

His odd behavior was done while he sported a full Elvis costume, complete with sunglasses and a black wig. Officers found him with a strong odor of alcohol, watery eyes and slurred speech.

Cops say Eldredge asked a police officer if he was “happy with his paycheck” and if “his mother taught him how to smile.” In between the random questions, the man sang Elvis songs.

On his way to jail, Eldredge allegedly spoke about the officer’s nipples and genitalia and threatened to hurt him, authorities said. He ended up cooling his heels – or Blue Suede Shoes – in jail.

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