Ex-Coach’s Mugshot Published in High School Yearbook in Indiana

Matthew Carrington mugshot

Matthew Carrington mugshot

High school students in Indiana caused controversy when they added a criminal mugshot of a former coach to the school’s 2015 yearbook.

  The mugshot of ex-assistant swim coach Matthew Carrington was printed in the yearbook at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Carrington was fired in February 2015 after being arrested on child seduction charges. Authorities say he was accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a 16 year old.

  The yearbook gave him a shout-out in the “Off-Campus” section, putting him right next to pictures of students playing with Legos.

   One student’s mother complained the yearbook should only be filled with positive memories.

   But school administrators defended the use of the mugshot, saying the district has a long history of supporting student publications and have never demanded a “prior review.”

   From a school statement: “Our student editors spent considerable time carefully researching news events which are reflected in the yearbook. When adults in our building are accused of and/or convicted of a criminal activity, it is covered (as has been part of our editorial policy for more than 20 years).”

   There was no plans to edit or recall the yearbook.

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