Florida Couple Makes False Report of Kidnapping to Hide Drug Purchases

William Clifford Tammy LandrySARASOTA CO, FL (May 12, 2014) —  This is a case of crackheads doing crackhead stuff.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported that a couple was arrested last week for falsely reporting that they were kidnapping and forced at gunpoint to make purchases on a stolen debit card.

Last Monday (May 12), 37-year-old William Clifford and 39-year-old Tammy Landry went to the Sheriff’s Office to report their “ordeal.” They were interviewed separately and investigators said they noted curious inconsistencies in their stories.

Both Clifford and Landry eventually confessed to smoking four or five crack rocks and paying their supplier by buying things he needed on a debit card stolen from Landry’s 61-year-old mother, Sarasota County investigators said.

Authorities found five transactions totaling $232.

They were both charged with making a false report to law enforcement and scheme to defraud.

And it goes to prove that even crackheads can “crack” under pressure.

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