Florida Dad Rages At Driver After Mistaken Accident

Mark Edward Cook mugshot

Mark Edward Cook mugshot

A Florida man mistakenly thought another driver had rear-ended him, sending him into a rage that led him to pursue the man, crash into that man’s car and threaten his life with a gun. And the whole time, rage suspect Mark Edward Cook was driving with his 2-year-old daughter in the car.

Authorities say Cook was driving when he thought his Chevy Malibu was rear-ended by 28-year-old Jason Foster in a pickup. When Foster drove away, Cook raced after him, authorities said. Cook eventually boxed Foster in at a dead-end street and bumped into his car. The mad man stepped out of his car with a gun, walked toward Foster’s car and threatened Foster’s life, police said. Then Cook pulled open the driver’s door and punched Foster in the face while the victim’ 5-year-old son watched from a back seat. The victim shut the door and waited for deputies to arrive.

When officers got there, they assured Cook that nobody had rear-ended him. But they did arrest him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as child neglect since his child watched the entire episode from the back seat of her father’s car. The girl was given to the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

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