Florida Flasher’s Reason for Exposing Himself: ‘He Wants to Find a Lady’

Hal Hamrick mugshot

Hal Hamrick mugshot

A Florida man who was arrested for flashing customers in a Target parking lot told authorities he wanted to “find a lady.”

The incident occurred February 17, 2015 in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where 48-year-old Hal Hamrick repeatedly flashed himself to shoppers in the parking lots of Target and Babies R’ Us.
Why did he do it? According to a police report, the man told officers that he “wants to find a lady.” He also explained that “they like when he does that.”
An eyewitness contradicted that claim, complaining to police that Hamrick showed her something indecent while dressed in a Miami Heat jersey and workout shorts. Witnesses say he exposed himself two times at Target and once at Babies R’ Us.
“Each time, he attempted to use a trash receptacle as cover for the act,” a police report says.
Hamrick was charged with indecent exposure.

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