Florida Man Knocks Out Car Burglar

Justin Braddock mugshot

Justin Braddock mugshot

When a Florida man caught a burglar breaking into his car last Thursday, the thief tried to swing at him.

But the victim got the better of the serial burglar and laid him out with one punch, according to Deltona authorities.
Justin Braddock, 34, was rifling through a car when the owner caught him in the act early Thursday (Dec. 11).  Braddock tried to take a swing at him, so the would-be victim hit him in the face.
911 dispatchers got this call from the victim: “He tried to fight me, and I just knocked him out. He’s laying in my front yard right now.”
When the accused burglar woke up, he sped away in his Honda Civic with blood on his face. He hit several mailboxes, street signs and a utility pole in his rush to get away.
But deputies caught him about a minute later. When deputies searched Braddock’s car and found a woman’s purse, stolen in another break-in; sunglasses, a compass, tools, stolen credit cards, an iPod and a car computer adapter. Braddock was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and resisting a officer, to name a few charges.

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