Florida Man Plants Fake Bombs in Grocery Store to ‘Startle People’

Richard CaponPALM CITY, Fla. (June 25, 2014 arrest) A 72-year-old Florida man planted fake bombs on the shelves of a Publix grocery store to “startle people,” authorities say.
Richard Capon, 72, made the bombs with parts from old telephones such as wires and bells. He then went to a Palm City grocery store and placed it on a shelf while fake shopping, police said.
The episode was captured on surveillance and led to his arrest June 25. The suspect, who is a retired airline pilot, is accused of planting four fake bomb-like devices at the same Publix.
“He didn’t give us a really good explanation on why he did it. The most that we could get out of him was that he wanted to startle people,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told a local TV station.
He left the “bombs” in different locations of the store each time, including the office supply aisle, the meat department under a package of chicken, on a table in the produce section and on an outside bench. Employees found the devices and alerted managers, who called 911.
Capon was finally captured last week and charged with planting a hoax bomb, a felony that carries up to 15 years in prison.
Authorities say the man confessed and apologized. He has no criminal record.

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