Florida Man Punches Female Cop to Get Arrested

Daniel Dolan mugshot

Daniel Dolan mugshot

A drunk Florida man was granted his wish to go to jail after punching a female officer.

In his defense, Daniel Dolan asked politely to be arrested on Thursday night (Jan. 7, 2016) in West Palm Beach. He handed the woman his wallet and asked to be taken to jail.

The officer told him he couldn’t get arrested just for being drunk, and she advised him to call an Uber to take him home.

Clearly upset by the answer, the 24-year-old Palm City man turned to another officer nearby.  “Don’t make me hit her to get arrested,” he reportedly said.

The man then punched the female officer in the face, police said. He was immediately taken to the ground and handcuffed. The officer was not seriously injured.

Dolan went to jail for battery. He does not appear to have any other arrests in the county.


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