Florida Man Robs Bank With Stick

NEPTUNE BEACH, FLA. (May 23, 2014) — I am not going to use this tired old cliché: “A Florida man brought back the true meaning of ‘Stick Up’ when he robbed a bank in May with an actual stick.”

I refuse to stoop so low. So, instead, just suAndrew Murrayffice it to say that a man robbed a bank last month with a wooden object.

According to Neptune Beach police, a masked man, later identified as Andrew Murray, burst into the Sun Trust Bank around 2:45 p.m. on May 23 brandishing an object covered in a plastic bag. Everyone assumed it was a gun.

Murray, 33, allegedly shouted, “Nobody is going to get hurt if you give me $50,000 from the vault.”

Tellers scrambled to comply, not realizing that the worst that could happen from Murray’s “weapon” was a splinter or two.

He grabbed the cash and ran off into the woods. A postal worker spotted him and directed police in. Murray kept on running and had to be hit with a Taser, said reports.

Officers found a mask, gloves, and boots discarded in the woods. On Murray, they found $124 in cash.

Murray has been charged with armed robbery and resisting arrest without violence.

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