Florida Man Robs Facebook Friend

Quincy  “Jtown Marley” McGee mugshot

Quincy “Jtown Marley” McGee mugshot

Facebook is good for reuniting with high school buds and keeping in touch with distant relatives.

Evidently, the social media site is also a pretty handy crime gadget as well.  When a Florida woman was robbed at gunpoint, she used Facebook to track down the thief.

According to Palm Beach County investigators, the robbery occurred on June 16, 2015 in Jupiter, Fla. The victim said she was driving a friend to meet another friend.

When they arrived, four men beat up her passenger then took his pants and shoes. The criminal quartet then turned their sights on her. Two of the men were masked, but the one who actually asked for her purse and pointed a black, semi-automatic handgun at her face was not.

They made off with $1500. (What was she doing with that wad of cash in the first place?!).

But the man looked familiar to the victim. When she got home, she cruised her Facebook Friends list and, lo-and-behold, came across the robber- “Jtown Marley” or otherwise known as Quincy McGee.

McGee, 29, was arrested last week and charged with robbery with a firearm and is being held of a $25,000 bond.

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