Florida Man Shoots Dogs For Annoying Him

Kyle Santos mugshot

Kyle Santos mugshot

Pet lovers across Florida are yapping mad at a dog killer who became annoyed with his girlfriend’s father’s Chihuahuas and shot them.

Kyle Santos, 19, of Palm Springs, became impatient with the behavior of two Chihuahuas, so he dug a ditch and threw the dogs in before shooting them, authorities said.

One dog died immediately but the other clinged to life, so Santos allegedly finished him off with a shovel.

Santos was charged Saturday (Jan. 20, 2016) with animal cruelty.

Authorities say he killed the two 8-year-old dogs after becoming annoyed at their “growling, barking and biting.”

The dogs belonged to the girlfriend’s father in Delray Beach, where the teen and his girlfriend were living. The dogs’ owner called the cops Jan. 14, 2016 after his daughter confessed to Santos’ actions.

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