Florida Man Stages Burglary to Get Out of Work

BRANDON, FL. (April 2, 2014) — Dwayne YeagerWednesdays can be rough. That’s why they call it “hump day.”

And it seems to have hit a Florida man especially hard earlier this month. So hard, in fact, that he allegedly staged a robbery just to get out of work.

Police in Brandon, Fla., arrested Dwayne A. Yeager on April 2 and charged him with providing false information to law enforcement personnel.

In a call to police, Yeager reportedly told them, “My door’s open, my windows to my son’s bedroom are wide open. My tv’s in there on the ground.”

He said that a white, little Honda Civic pulled away from the house after he discovered the ransacking.

Curiously, investigators found no sign of forced entry. And neighbors told authorities that they saw Yeager leave, come home, and open the windows himself.

Even more damming was the surveillance video he had going at the house. It showed Yeager setting up the whole affair, authorities said.

Then to top it all off, reports said that he later admitted he trashed his own house to make it look like he had been robbed and would have an excuse to skip out on work.

The police report said Yeager’s wife was “adamant” that he go to work but he did not want to.

When they cuffed him. Yeager said he had no idea you could get in trouble for faking a crime.

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