Florida Man Tries to Sell Stolen Car Back to Owner

Marquis Whipple mugshot

Marquis Whipple mugshot

Marquis Whipple must have let the Florida sun bake a few of his brain cells away. Either that or he had a short supply to begin with.

Whipple was arrested late June 2015 and faces grand theft auto charges after he tried to sell a car he had stolen back to the owner he stole it from.

Tom Funicello awoke on June 11, 2015 to an empty driveway. He filed a police report and heard nothing until his phone rang two weeks later. It was Whipple offering to sell the 1998 Toyota Camry back to Funicello for $200.

Funicello agreed to buy it back then called the Boynton Beach police. With the help of the officers, he set up a time a place to meet Whipple.

“He’s telling me I better not be setting him up,” Funicello said. “He says to me ‘I called you, I’m being a Good Samaritan here’.”

After six phone conversations to convince the “Good Samaritan” to bring his car back, the deal was finalized for an afternoon meet-up at a local gas station.

Whipple showed up with the Toyota that had a back window smashed in and a damaged engine. The cops also showed up and took Whipple into custody.

Whipple said he was just bringing the car back to its rightful owner and did not realize it had been stolen.

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