Florida Scrooge Snatches Christmas Projectors from Lawn

Tony Ramsey mugshot

Tony Ramsey mugshot

A Florida man was arrested Monday (Dec. 14, 2015) for stealing Christmas light projectors off a resident’s lawn.

Tony Ramsey, 38, faces charges of grand theft after his heartless theft in Apopka.

The victim called police to say he was missing two laser light projectors, which he used to shine Christmas lights onto his house.  Luckily, the man also had his own video surveillance, which showed a man in a black Toyota Corolla pass the house, reverse and then stop.

The video shows Ramsey step out of the car, grab two laser projectors from the lawn and run back to his vehicle, authorities said.

An officer took the report and left. But two hours later, the victim called the cops to say the thief was back, driving real slow down his street.

Cops rushed to the neighborhood and grabbed Ramsey. They located the two laser light projectors in the man’s car.


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