Florida Shoplifter Begs for Mercy After Being Released on Same Crime

Edwin Chatman mugshot

Edwin Chatman mugshot

A Florida man who was caught shoplifting cologne last week begged for mercy because he had just been released from jail for the same crime!

Edwin Chatman, 54, of Leesburg, was seen stuffing five bottles of cologne in his shorts at a Bealls store on Wednesday February 18, 2015 and was stopped by a loss prevention officer when he left without paying.
Police determined Chatman had two prior convictions for shoplifting.
“Man, they got me for sticking that in my pants or whatever,” Chatman told police. “Come on man. I just got out of jail for the same thing. Come on man. I know I messed up, but can’t you trespass me or something?”
The suspect had been arrested Feb. 1  and was released a day before he tried to take the cologne.  Authorities say Chatman made multiple requests to go to a behavioral center because he wanted to kill himself instead of going back to jail.
He has good reason to be depressed. Court records show Chatman has had nearly 20 felony cases against him in Lake County, and Florida Department of Corrections records show him imprisoned six times since 1984 on charges that include robbery and selling, buying or possessing cocaine

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