Florida Shoplifter Leaves Bumper – And Tag – While Fleeing Cops

Devin Ramoe Stokes mugshot

Devin Ramoe Stokes mugshot

Devin Ramoe Stokes, of Augusta, Georgia, was arrested after leaving a calling card of sorts during his getaway. In this case, the “calling card” was his entire rear bumper with license tag attached.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office,  deputies responded to a call at the Santa Rosa Mall about two men who had taken a purse from Dillard’s and left in a black sedan.

A deputy spotted the car doing 55 through a 25 mph zone and tried to pull it over. The driver, later identified as Stokes, sped off. During the chase, Stokes ran into several mail boxes and managed to rip his bumper off.

Using the incriminating bit of metal, authorities tracked Stokes down to his home. The bag was found inside. His 19-year-old passenger signed a statement fingering Stokes as both the driver and the shoplifter.

Stokes told deputies that he was sorry and did not mean to hurt anyone. He added that he had “practiced” what he would do if he was stopped because he did not have a license.

It seems he needs a little more practice.


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