Florida Shoplifter Nabbed Despite Walkie Talkie

Richard McCleary mugshot

Richard McCleary mugshot

A Florida man tried to get away with shoplifting using the same walkie-talkie device that store employees used. But it didn’t work!

Richard McCleary, 47, of Fruitland Park, was busted for retail theft as well as possessing an anti-shoplifting device and resisting arrest. The incident occurred April 11, 2015 at the Rural King in Leesburg.

The store manager saw two men steal a pair of weed trimmers before fleeing in a black Jeep. Two hours later, McCleary returned but didn’t do anything and left in a red van driven by a woman.

Police made a traffic stop, where the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and ran away, a police report says. He was captured after an officer used a stun gun on him.

The man was searched and police found the same type of walkie-talkie that Rural King employees use to communicate with one another. The device was set on channel 7, which employees use.

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