Florida Shoplifter Rubs Feces in Face of Accusers

Marisol Toribio mugshot

Marisol Toribio mugshot

When a Florida woman’s 1st plan to get away with stealing from a Macy’s store didn’t work, she went with No. 2… literally.

Shoplifting suspect Marisol Toribio in Florida is accused of smearing feces on the faces of her accusers in an apparent attempt to create a diversion. 

The 32-year-old woman was caught stealing at a Fort Lauderdale Macy’s. With nowhere to go, she reportedly reached into her pants, conveniently retrieving the feces, and rubbed it in the faces of a few loss prevention officers, police say. 

Her desperation move might have left a lasting and stinky impression, but it failed as police in Coral Springs arrested her and charged her with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in addition to theft.

And we thought we had heard it all.

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