Florida Woman Chases Boy with Knife for Talking to Daughter

Shakella Quinn mugshot

Shakella Quinn mugshot

A playground fight prompted this Florida woman to grab a knife and defend her daughter’s honor.

Police in Boca Raton, Florida, arrested 27-year-old Shakella Quinn on July 22, 2015 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and probation violation.

The day before, July 21, Quinn and her daughter were at a local playground when her youngster got into an argument with a boy and ran to tell her mom.

Police say that Quinn grabbed a knife and began chasing the boy, a fifth-grader, through the parking lot. He ran to an apartment to hide, but Quinn stalked outside even after being told cops were on the way.

When officers arrived, they found Quinn still there holding a pair of scissors “with an aggressive and threatening grip,” said police.

A group of about 50 bystanders yelled to police that the knife was on the ground in the parking lot.

Quinn admitted to yelling at the boy but denied threatening him with a knife.

As officers were arresting her, Quinn kicked and screamed, “I ain’t going to jail.” They took her to the ground where she continued to “kick, scream, and attempt to resist arrest,” said the police report.

She was placed in the “Wrap,” a full body suspect restraint system used by law enforcement, medical, military, and private security.

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