Florida Woman Eats Entire Meal While Riding Around on Walmart Cart

Josseleen Lopez mugshot

Josseleen Lopez mugshot

A Florida woman ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and most of a rotisserie chicken while drinking wine and driving a motorized shopping cart around a Walmart store, authorities said.

A loss prevention officer noticed Josseleen Lopez acting suspiciously at the Lecanto Walmart on Dec. 29, 2015. The security guard spotted a half-empty bottle of wine in her cart and saw her grab sushi from the shelf, eat a piece and put the box back. She did the same thing with cinnamon rolls. Next, the young woman ate the majority of a rotisserie chicken while on the shopping floor.

Lopez consumed over $30 worth of food at the store. When deputies arrested her, they found her with two empty syringes, which she admitted were used to shoot up meth earlier in the day.

The 20-year-old woman said she took the food because she was hungry and didn’t want to bring it outside of the store.  Lopez was arrested on shoplifting and drug paraphernalia charges

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