Florida Woman Stabs Fiancé For Refusing to Go to Liquor Store

FORT PIERCE, FLA. (February 7, 2014) —  A Florida woman is behind bars after she allegedly stabbed her fiancé because he would not drive her to the liquor store.

Police in Fort Pierce arrested Melissa Bopp, 36, on Feb. 7 and charged her with aggravated battery after getting a 911 call from Cedric Henry.

Henry said Bopp stabbed him in the stomach when he refused to take her to the liquor store. He told her he was too drunk to drive.

When her future hubby refused to chauffeur her to replenish her supply of liquor, Bopp reportedly stabbed him with what Henry called a “big knife.” And she did this in front of her child.

Bopp and Henry live together and were set to get married later this month. It is unclear if the nuptials are still a go.

Melissa Bopp

Melissa Bopp

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