Florida Woman Uses Stolen Identity for Plastic Surgery

Melanie Young mugshot

Melanie Young mugshot

A Seminole County woman was arrested in July 2015 after racking up nearly $20,000 in plastic surgery bills paid for by another woman’s stolen identity.

The suspect, Melanie Young, used the card at two clinics in the Orlando area and was nabbed as she left an appointment.

The victim, who did not know Young, noticed her credit report had ballooned. She contacted authorities and they tracked down the account to the Florida Cosmetic Surgery Center in Altamonte Springs.

Doctors at the clinic told investigators that Young was due in for her final follow-up appointment that day. Cops arrived and arrested her as she came out.

Due to HIPPA laws, the clinic could not disclose the cosmetic procedures Young underwent, but her son told a news station that his mother had weight loss surgery.

Young, 37, is facing special identity theft charges because the victim she allegedly stole from is over the age of 60.


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