Georgia Drug Dealer Dances His Way To Detention

STATESBORO, GEORGIA (Aug. 23, 2014 arrest) — A Georgia man who drew the attention of police with a dazzling dance routine in the city street was driven to detention when cops found drugs on him.
Charles KirklandCharles Kirkland, 20, of Statesboro, was seen dancing in the street and interrupting traffic Aug. 23 near Georgia Southern University. So cops stopped to talk and found he had a pocket full of cocaine, authorities said.
Perhaps his dance routine was a marketing scheme.
The local sheriff said Kirkland was “dancing on the sidewalk and in the roadway, stopping traffic.”  In fact, the spirited suspect twice jumped out into the roadway and waved his arms in the air, making gestures that suggested he wanted to fight, the sheriff said.
One witness told police that Kirkland stopped a group of pedestrians, raised his hands and began to yell at them. When investigators went up the the young man, he tried to run — for good reason. He was found with multiple bags of cocaine packaged for resale.
Kirkland was charged with pedestrian on or along the roadway, pedestrian under the influence, disorderly conduct, obstruction, paraphernalia, and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.

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