Georgia Woman Tries to Eat Crack Cocaine Before Mugshot


Linda Blank mugshot

Linda Blank mugshot

If this pig-tailed princess looks surprised in her mugshot, it’s because the Georgia girl just tried to chew up and eat a small amount of crack cocaine.

Authorities say 48-year-old Linda Blank didn’t want to keep the crack cocaine from going to waste!

Here’s how Blank ended up in jail: She was suspected of stealing in Douglas, so officers stopped her and discovered she was wanted for probation violation and for theft by receiving.  Blank was also found with crack cocaine, so she was charged with possession.

While Blank was being arrested, she reportedly tried to chew up and eat a small amount of the cocaine. But officers were able to keep her from swallowing the crack cocaine.

Clearly, though, it seems a bit of it went to her system and gave her this bizarre mugshot showing a wide-eyed and confused woman wearing short, sprouting pigtails

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