Gettin’ Nekkid in Kentucky!

Timothy Smith (L) and David Daniels (R) mugshots

Timothy Smith (L) and David Daniels (R) mugshots

With temperatures edging just over a hundred, a Kentucky man figured the only thing to do was to strip down, run into a packed store, and pour milk over his sweaty body. It may have cooled him down, but it also resulted in two men being arrested.

According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, two men, identified as Timothy Smith and David Daniels, were arrested in June 2015 for the stunt.

Bystanders say that the man, identified later as Smith, ran into the South Williamston, Kentucky, Walmart stark naked and shouting, “I’m on fire.” He then dashed to the dairy section, grabbed a gallon of milk, and doused himself.

Smith, 24, then left the store and hopped in the getaway car.

The video taken allegedly by a Daniels was posted to social media soon after but was quickly removed due to the graphic, and unseemly, content.

From jail, Smith said it was all just a prank and that he turned himself in after his family members made him feel bad about the incident.


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